Parenting and Caring for Adolescents: A 2hr, live, online event via Zoom MindCo

Parenting and Caring for Adolescents: A 2hr, live, online event via Zoom

date icon12th September 2023
time icon18:00 (CEST)
location iconLive Online Session via Zoom

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Is your child experiencing anxiety or depression, social withdrawal, anger, behavioural changes? Are you having trouble communicating with them? Are you concerned about your child eating too little or too much? Is your child obsessed with their mobile phone? Worried about your child experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs?

Looking after adolescents can be one of the most challenging things we ever do – however, with the right tools, it can also be one of the most rewarding chapters in your life.

Why attend this session?
If you are a parent or carer of an adolescent, we’d like to help you to better understand and support their adolescents (by this we mean anyone with “children”, living at home from the age of 13+, and in some cases those parents of pre-teens, who want to get ahead of the curve). We want to help your family develop a mindfully coherent relationship that will encourage you to thrive together, not just survive those teenage years.

We can build the content for this session around your specific needs. Get in touch prior to the session with your specific questions and I will try to cover as many as I can during our time together. HINT: I’ve been doing this work for over 25 years, and while times have changed significantly during that period, the issues I get presented with still have many common themes, including:

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